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16 Creative Ways To Repurpose Cardboard Boxes

That feeling when you finish moving and unpacking all of your boxes is undeniably sweet. But wait – don’t throw out those cardboard boxes just yet!

If you’re a pack rat like me, then you know how hard it is to throw anything away – even if it’s trash. I am faced with a crippling moral dilemma whenever I have to toss things out, especially if it’s something like cardboard boxes that have endless useful potential. With a smooth, blank, and pliable surface, your moving boxes can easily be repurposed to have a second life. Rather than leaving them for the garbage truck (and killing trees in the process – how dare you), get crafty and turn your moving boxes into quirky and imaginative home decor that you can enjoy all year round.

Here are some examples of beautiful up-cycled cardboard creations that you can take a stab at. These crafts are a breeze to make, and can be a fun activity that you and your family can partake in together to transform your newly settled space into a cozy, comfortable home. We’re making #CozyCardboardCreations a thing.

1. Sequin Letter Garland

cardboard boxes cardboard boxes

Or cover them in fake moss for a more down-to-earth vibe. Learn your cardboard alphabets here.

2. Desktop Catchall Organizer

cardboard boxes

Who knew cardboard would be the answer to never losing your phone or car keys again. See all the steps for making this here.

3. Floating Tube Shelf 

cardboard boxes

We got you covered on the cardboard tubes, too. Use this tutorial to make your own.

4. Cardboard Roll Sunburst Mirror

cardboard boxes

They’ll never guess what it’s made out of. Learn how to make one here.

5. Geometric Cardboard Lamp 

cardboard boxes cardboard boxes

For the crafters with nimble fingers. Learn how to light up your new home here.

6. Colorful Cardboard Lanterns 

cardboard boxes

Imagine these hanging from your ceiling. Dreamy. See the steps for making your own here.

7. New Boxes Out Of Old Boxes 

cardboard boxes

Duh! This one seemed like a no-brainer. Learn how to make stunning new storage boxes here.

8. Belted Storage Totes

cardboard boxes

More storage, more fun. No storage, no fun. Check out all the steps here.

9. Faux Industrial Metal Letters

cardboard boxes

Loud and proud. Check out the full tutorial here.

10. Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse

cardboard boxes cardboard boxes

You can practically build anything out of cardboard for your kids to play with. These colorful houses are fun, decorative, and easy to put away. Score for the mommies! Learn how to make them here.

11. Cardboard Play Dome

cardboard boxes

If you want to step it up to the next level, build your kids a totally awesome fort. Instructions can be found here.

12. Framed Moss Covered Letter

cardboard boxes

There’s that moss we were talking about in #1. Trick your new neighbors into thinking you’re a nature kind of gal (or maybe you actually are). Learn how to make your own here.

13. Hexagon Wall Art

cardboard boxes

Easy-peasy. You just cut out hexagons and paint them whatever colors you wish. No instructions for this one. We know you can do it!

14. Apartment Door Number 

cardboard boxes

Make your mark and claim your new territory with this cute adornment. Learn how to make one here.

15. Woven Statement Wall Art

cardboard boxes cardboard boxes

Although not made of cardboard, you do make it with cardboard instead of an actual loom, which is very nifty. This one is for all your boho desires. See the full tutorial here.

16. Stag Deer Head Wall Hanging

cardboard box

Learn how to make this bad boy here.