How to Pack Like a Pro

At Fox Moving and Storage Nashville, we take care of your treasured possessions as though they were our own. We want you to be able to unpack and move in seamlessly when you arrive in your new home, without worry about whether your items are safe. If you choose to pack for your move yourself, we have some tips for you on how to pack like a pro, just like we would do it!

Pack Like a Pro: Make a Plan

Decide what needs to be packed first and last. Do you need kitchen items to prepare a meal the morning of your move? Are there items that can be packed weeks ahead of time, so you can be less stressed and better prepared as your moving date grows closer?

Wrap Fragile Items Carefully

Your dishes, mirrors, and fragile trinkets should be wrapped in heavy packing paper that will protect them on their trip to your new home. Wrap large items such as bedroom mirrors in blankets to cushion them even more.

If you have the original boxes for your electronics, those are best to use. However, you can also use blankets or bubble wrap to protect those fragile items as well.

Put Big Items in Small Boxes

Use as small a box as possible for large, heavy items. Using a bigger box may seem like a better idea – until you have to lift and move it.

Use Clean, New Boxes and Professional Packing Materials

Save yourself the time and worry of trying to find boxes. Fox Moving and Storage Nashville offers Packing Kits as well as individual boxes and professional packing materials that will ensure your items are safe and secure throughout your move.

Clearly Label Your Boxes

List the contents of each box as well as the room where the box will go in your new home. For example, you may decide those books on the shelf in your current living room will look better in the office in your new home.

Want to Pack Like a Pro? Call a Professional

At Fox Moving and Storage Nashville, we know how to pack like a pro because that’s we do. We are your local, trusted, professional mover in Nashville and we are ready to help make your next move stress-free and easy!

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