Hermitage/Home Move
January 4, 2018

Fox Movers arrived on time and moved my household goods for now the 4th time in 3 years. I had to store my items until the new home was ready and they managed to squeeze everything in storage. I still do not know how!! When the time came to move into the new house, well 3 movers arrived +James. James came by to say hello, and then stayed to help, for free. These guys are great, careful and have manners you wish your own children possessed. Advice to anyone using any moving service-these guys work hard and while pizza is easy to order and have delivered-ask your movers what they would like to eat. They deserve it! Big Shout out to the the management team for letting me keep their moving pads while in storage at a discounted rate and then refunding in full when I moved. My last move cost $0.08!! Hope not to move again, but know I will definitely use FOX!